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Cami's Fanatasy Racing Team

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Planning Analysis


Make a web page about my favorite race car drivers in a way not done before.  I wanted to make it like I was the team owner in a real sense but this is only a fantasy.  This web site will be published on the web as a source for links and information about these drivers and to keep up on there stats.

Create a web site that includes a homepage and at least 4 other related pages. You should have a main home page introducing your web site and a consistent navigation bar that includes the other 4 LOCAL pages related to the topic of your choice.  Begin your web by creating a new, one-page web.

Include META Tags on your Home Page with standard META tag information for search engines.

Include a Planning Analysis Sheet of your "final project"  as one of your pages in your website.  This page can not be counted as one of your 4 pages.  Make sure you have a clear link to this page.

Make sure you use the <title> tag to identify your pages

All students must name their homepage as "index.htm"   This is the default name for a home page and it should remain that way.  Other page names can be your choice.

Your project's content should relate to your chosen theme.  (You may change your theme, just let your instructor know.) 

Your project should contain different text style formats 

You should use one or more of the list styles: ordered (numbered), unordered (bulletted), description. 

Include at least one table on any one page (with borders) 

Include a common background color or a common background graphic OR use one of the available Themes 

Change the color and size of some of your text 

Include appropriate images

Include a personalized logo on your main page designed with Paintshop Pro or a different image graphics editor.  Briefly explain how you created your logo in your planning analysis sheet. 

Include "Alt Text" tags for all images and buttons

Include a consistent set of navigation bars

Include at least one Frontpage Component

One of your pages should be a Links Page that contains links to other sites related to your theme 

Links should include: 
Other WWW sites
Links to all your different pages and a way to return home from every page from your navigation bar
E-mail links

Beyond the required:
Image with hotspot: Tony Stewart page "Home Depot" square
Scrolling Marquee: Main web page
Additional pages
Additional Tables
Embedded MIDI file on main web page
Animated Gifs

Web site created with all the minimum requirements and beyond the required.

Self created logo using Paint Shop Pro and navigation buttons using Paint Shop Pro.

Animated gif banner on main page and an animated gif picture on the links page using Animation Shop 3.

MIDI file on main page.

Frames for Tony and Ryan pages.

Over 10 pages in the web.

2003 RacinGirl Productions
Last Updated: March 17, 2003